Returns process

Overall Objective

In addition to building Retailer relationships, by providing a profitable solution allowing the Retailer the opportunity to sell the product off in store. The returns process is designed to improve our logistics process, reduce the service, warranty and transport costs.

Return Application Requirements

Applications must be:

a) Reviewed by the accounts Brand Manager to arrange damage allowance (where damage allowance is suitable follow damage allowance policy)
b) Damages investigated as to how damage was caused
c) Where damages are caused by within the HHIG logistics process, Damage allowances offered.
d) Approved by the area Brand Manager
e) Approved by General Manager Sales

Returns Procedure

Required Information

a) Credit Claim Number
b) Original Invoice Number
c) Original Order Number
d) Product Model Number
e) Reason for Claim
f) Photo of any damage
g) Contact Person & Contact Details
h) Supplier Authority – Brand Manager
i) Amount Claimed

Please Email Credit Claim to HHIG

Approval Procedure

1) Credit Claim reviewed and processed at the Head Office
2) RA number will be issued to the Store via email or phone call
3) Once RA has been issued – HHIG will advise the Store how the appliance collection will be organised
(Via HHIG’s preferred logistics provider for collection)
4) * Unit – Not in a Box Will not be accepted back for a Credit *
5) Once the Unit is back at a HHIG Warehouse – Credit Will be Issued