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3324AU FireMagic 762mm Firemaster Drop-In Charcoal Grill

FireMagic 762mm Firemaster Drop-In Charcoal Grill

Model: 3324AU

High-Performance charcoal grills are available in a variety of models including Built-In, Portable, Post Mount, and Drop-In. Fire Magic delivers quality and style to the charcoal grill enthusiast.

The firemaster drop-in grill is designed to drop into the top of your island.

Charcoal grills feature a crank handle that allows you to adjust the height of the charcoal pan, bringing the heat closer to or further from your meal.

Cooking grids must be ordered separately.

Fire Magic Superior Design and Engineering Power the 3324 unparalleled performance. With many of the same features as its sister Gas Series grills, the 3324 Series grill delivers cooking versatility, durability and longevity in a beautifully crafted machine.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Durable black powder coat enamel finish
  • Adjustable charcoal pans
  • Oven/Hoods feature a rounded design with stainless steel finish.
  • See below for Oven/Hood Cooking Grid options

Cooking Grid Options:

Model Description
3543-DS-3 Stainless steel rod
3524-3 Porcelain cast iron
3538-2 Porcelain steel rod

Oven/Hood option: 23733

Cooking Surface 762mm x 457mm 
Cut-out Dimensions 793.75mm w x 539.75mm d x 304.8mm h

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